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Bat Houses

Happy Valley Bats is dedicated to saving bats by providing rescue in Washington State. Our rescue center is located north of Seattle in the Puget Sound region of the Pacific Northwest.

Several Myotis species live in this region as well as the Big Brown bat, the Silver Haired bat, the Hoary bat, and the Townsend’s Big-eared bat. While Eastern Washington is home to the Pallid bat, Spotted bat, Fringed myotis, Small-footed myotis, and the Western Canyon bat.

There are 15 native bat species, two of which are on the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife "Species of Special Concern" list.

Happy Valley Bats is a 501(c)3

"When humans turn their attention from their own petty concerns to what is left of the planet earth,
they will only have time to say goodbye."    --Craig Walker