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In reality, less than half of 1% of bats contract the rabies virus. A person is more likely to be struck and killed by lightning than get rabies from a bat. However, rabies is a dangerous disease so you should avoid direct contact with bats as well as other wild animals.

What should I do if I’ve been bitten by a bat?

If you’ve been bitten by a bat immediately wash the wound with soap and water, seek medical attention, and contact your local health department.

Bats may be similar to rodents in many ways, but there’s evidence that point to bats being more closely related to primates than to rodents.

Bats cannot see color, but they see better at night than we do, and many bats can also see in the dark by using echolocation.

One way to help provide for and protect bats is to build them a roosting habitat. Bats roost in many different places and might use different styles of bat houses.

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